NC6 Update February 25, 2017

NC6 Update February 25, 2017

“I want to thank everyone who participated in our last Executive Committee meeting held on January 27 in Guilford County. We had a tremendous turnout with 26 committee members and 9 guests attending. We were able to accomplish all district business including the election of our new 1st Vice-Chair Tyler Dunn from Lee County and 2nd Vice-Chair Rick Smith from Randolph County. We also welcomed Doug Isley as the newest member of the committee and Steve Carter as our new finance chair. Congratulations to all and we thank them for stepping up.”

~Chairman Lee Haywood

The 6th District Convention will take place on April 14 in Burlington. Registration will be begin at 11:00am and will close at 12:00pm with the convention called to order immediately after. Official notices will be sent out in the very near future. 


Anyone interested in presenting a resolution needs to e-mail your document to the 6th District Resolutions Chair, Jim Womack at


If you wish to make a change or add to the 6th District Plan of Organization, please e-mail your suggestion to 2nd Vice-Chair Rick Smith at


To be considered for the convention agenda these MUST be submitted by March 15 so that they can be properly vetted.


If you wish to be a delegate for the upcoming district and state conventions you MUST attend and register at your county convention. If you have not received notification, or unsure when your convention is taking place please contact us ASAP.